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EV charging platform

Share by Fount is the central hub for your charging infrastructure. Our platform empowers you with the ability to control, share, and generate earnings from your chargers on your terms. Benefiting from our future-proof and ever-evolving solution, optimizing operations following your goals while providing the best charging experience for EV drivers.




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Choose your preferred hardware without any constraints while having complete control to manage and generate earnings from your chargers.


Experience peace of mind through our secure and ready-to-scale solution, enhanced by customized features tailored to your unique needs.


Unlock simplicity in sharing and charging with our intuitive design, ensuring a satisfying experience for both charger owners/operators and EV drivers.


Discover possibilities by integrating with your existing business systems through open APIs, enabling roaming, or getting your branded charging solution.

Operation management makes ease…

  • Insightful operational dashboard
    Grab a summary of daily operation with one click.
  • Customizable rates & accessibility
    Adjust station’s availability and set rates per kWh, minute, or spot pricing.
  • Worry-free operation
    Ensure uptime and profitability with automatic troubleshooting and spot pricing.
  • Multiple pricings
    Offer discount codes or special pricing for employees, residents, and guests.

Simplify charge and pay for drivers…

  • Transparent pricing
    No hidden fees, apply discounts easily, and track real-time charging status.
  • Live Chat with Support
    Get assistance from our dedicated support team.
  • No additional apps needed!
    All it takes is to scan the QR code, pay, and charge.
  • Multiple payment options
    Easy payment with credit and debit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

…and explore other possibilities.

  • EV Fleet features
    Enable booking feature and automatic reimburse employees for charging at home
  • API integration & Roaming
    Leverage system integration and roaming to enhance efficiency and drive profitability.
  • White-label solution
    Tailor your style, logos, and brand identity for a unique, fully customized end-user experience.
  • Customized features
    Get customized features tailored to your unique needs.  

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