EV Fleet Home Charging Solution

Access detailed charging data, receive accurate fleet charging cost reports, and automatically reimburse and reward your employees for charging company cars at their homes, regardless of the chargers they use.


Choose between simple and advanced calculation modes to reimburse and employees on your terms


Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and easily scalable solution, crafted to accommodate fleets of any size


Managing home charging the simple way, ensuring a satisfying experience for administrators and employees


Get the most precise cost of charging so that you can reimburse employees transparently

Home charging can reduce more than 70% of fleet charging costs...

Home charging costs, including spot price, grid rental and applicable taxes, will always be cheaper than fast charging.

See examples spot price 👇 and fast charging 👉

.. and provides various other benefits for companies, employees and administrators!

  • Increase fleet's efficiency
    Employees charge service cars during off-shifts, eliminating the need to dedicate working hours to car charging.
  • Reduce the needs for fast charging
    Home charging ensures your fleets have sufficient power for work, minimizing the needs for expensive fast chargers.  
  • Save administration costs
    Reduce works for accountants and employees with automatic reimbursement for home charging and on-the-road charging.
  • Reimburse and reward your employees easily
    Get employees on board easily with precise reimbursement and fair reward for charging company cars at home.

Our solution benefits businesses....

  • Easy administration
    Create reimbursement rules, administrate employees, and access relevant KPIs such as total reimbursment amount and estimated distance travel in one place.
  • Precise reimbursement costs and reports
    We use spot prices and various parameters to provide the most precise charging costs, allowing you to generate reimbursement reports with just one click!
  • Automatic reimbursement to your employees
    We reimburse your employees automatically every month.
  • Only one invoice for you
    You receive only one invoice from us. You can use our reports and invoices as documentations for tax authorities.  

…and create trust to employees.

  • Charge easily with RFIDs or company cards
    Charge company cars with RFIDs or company cards, and charge private cars as normal.
  • Access to employee's dashboard
    Employees can easily connect their private chargers, check up-to-date reimbursement amount, and see details of all charging sessions.
  • Register on-the-road sessions
    Employees can register on-the-road charging and get reimbursement together with home charging. Neat!
  • Automatic monthly reimbursement and report
    We reimburse employees and send a detailed report every month.

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Our pricing options

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you and your fleets.
Check out our pricing model and reach out for a personalized offer tailored just for you!

Monthly subscription

Simple, pay-as-you-go
Ideal for those beginning home charging with a segment of their fleets and will increase gradually.
Unlimited number of chargers
Invite employees easily
Monitor charging costs easily
Automatic reimbursement
Accurate monthly report
Get only one invoice

Annual license

Most cost effective!
Perfect for those ready to implement home charging across entire fleets.
No extra costs!
Invite employees easily
Monitor charging costs easily
Automatic reimbursement
Accurate monthly report
Get only one invoice

Start charging company cars at home today!