Complete control over your charging infrastructure,
with easy administration
and invoicing

If you've had your renters charge for free, or you just can't keep tabs on use and costs, administering your charging stations on your property carries with it unique challenges.
But it doesn't have to be this way!

Founts comprehensive solutions for payment and administration makes all of this easy and effective!
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Super. Simple. Solution.

Charging solutions for commercial buildings and workplaces

Transform the charging experience for you commercial properties with Fount's innovative platform for sharing and controlling your charging stations 🔋
We support all smart chargers, regardless of brands!
Value addition

Increase the value of your properties by offering tenants the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles.

Effective administration

Complete overview of income and number of charging sessions. Set different prices for different user groups.

Customer experience

Convenient for landlords and even easier for tenants. Quick setup.
Fast payment solution

Share by Fount
Invoicing Solution

Manage prices, gain insight into all activity, and automatically invoice your tenants💻
  • Select price
    Set the price for different tenants. Choose between fixed or spot price. 💳
  • Full overview
    Get a complete overview of your charging stations and tenants through our platform💡
  • Charging reports
    Monthly charging reports. We handle the invoicing for your tenants👌
  • Additional income
    Generate additional income for the company by sharing the chargers with other guests in addition to the tenants💰

Charge by Fount
for tenants who need to charge🚗

  • Register in Charge by Fount
    After registration, you can start the charging session by logging in and pressing “start”🔋
  • Transparent pricing
    Tenants using the chargers get full visibility on pricing – so you always now what you’re paying for🪙
  • Monthly reports
    Receive monthly charging reports, along with payment invoices from Fount🤳

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