Subscription for larger enterprises

he subscription solution that gives the opportunity to collect all charging points to be made available to others.

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About this plan

By making chargers available at the desired time, you will be able to get an extra income. Through a charging map, electric car owners can find their charger depending on when you have set them as available and with the help of a QR code start the charging process. Users can choose between paying by bank card, Apple Pay or Google Pay without downloading another app, right in the browser.

For enterprises, this plan will make it possible to collect an unlimited number of chargers in Fount's management portal where the company has a full overview of income per charger and corresponding cost. Information on the use and status of chargers is also part of the functions in the management portal. As a starting point, the earnings on chargers will be paid out at the start of each month. In addition to being published in Fount's map, you will be promoted on our website.

For enterprise subscriptions, we offer extended user support where you can reach us by chat, email and phone.

Fount sends QR codes as weatherproof stickers corresponding to the number of charging points in the plan.


Unlimited number of chargers.
Approved invoicing.

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