Partnership with Fjordslottet

Partnership with Fjordslottet Hotel

Partnership with Fjordslottet

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Fjordslottet Hotel has chosen to share the electric car chargers through the Fount platform. This means that more people stop by the hotel on Osterøy.

"Absolutely brilliant and sytalaust," says hotel owner Per Erik Myking with a smile before adding:

"Charging creates customer loyalty. This is important for a small niche hotel like Fjordslottet.

In addition, we want to accommodate those who are concerned about the environment. For our hotel, the Fount platform has had only positive aspects.

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Fjordslottet is a family-owned hotel and appeals to those who are looking for something more than a hotel room.

"Guests come here to experience a relaxing atmosphere in stunning scenery. Here you are surrounded by fjords and mountains, and it is both quiet and luxurious.

"And everyone can charge with you, not just the guests?"

"That's the beauty of Fount. We are emerging as a charging station for those who drive by. Sharing is smart both for the environment and for electric cars.

Easy to share charger

Before Fount was in place with its solution, charging and payment was a cumbersome process for the hotel. Charging provided a lot of extra work at times, especially in the high season with many electric cars on holiday.

"We used a lot of resources to operate our chargers. We had to use an app to check customers in and out. In addition, they had to go into the front desk to pay.

Now everything goes by itself via the Fount platform.

"The platform takes care of everything that has to do with charging and payment. And when we first chose to make our chargers available to everyone, it was important that there was no more work for the reception," he says and states:

"I believe Fount has developed a simple and forward-looking solution for those of us in the hotel industry.

Energy platform for sharing

Fount's charger sharing platform saw the light of day in April 2020, and it's not just hotels that use the platform. Bergen municipality is currently conducting a collaborative project with Fount. The experience so far has been very good.

"Anyone who has a charging station for electric cars can register on our platform and offer charging of electric cars to others," says Håvard Mjelleli, Business Developer at Fount.

Those wishing to charge will find available chargingstations nearby and book a charging station through the Fount platform. Theservice can also be a source of income for those who have a charging stationavailable.

"Private individuals can also rent out their own chargers when it suits them through our platform," continues Mjelleli, who adds:

"Fount's goal is to make it easier and more accessible for EV owners to both find and use nearby charging stations. Our idea is simple: to make better use of existing charging stations by sharing them with others.

Increases visibility

For hotels, it may be wise to use the Fount platform, Mjelleli emphasizes:

"As the owner of a charging station, you are placed in a register used by EV owners, which increases your destination's visibility and attracts more customers to your hotel," he says, adding:

"This summer, the charging queues are sure to grow. With a poor krone exchange rate, many will take a road trip in Norway. Then you follow the roads where there are enough chargers available.

Fjordslottet Hotel is located on Osterøy outside Bergen. They were among the first to offer EV charging to guests.

"Guests expect a charging offer these days, in the same way as a good breakfast and Wi-Fi in the room. They want the opportunity to charge their car while they sleep, or are in meetings, without having to spend time and money finding a charging station," he says and emphasizes:

"Customers want it easy, without having to navigate through a jungle of apps and different payment solutions. Fount is very user-friendly and perfect for us.

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